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Government to Construct 131 ACROW Bridges Across the Country

Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi officially commissioned two ACROW Bridges in Lunte and Luwingu Districts, marking significant progress in the government’s initiative to enhance national connectivity.

The Lukulu and Solo ACROW Bridges have been constructed and installed at a combined cost of K15,934,161.54. These structures, designed to support single and multi-span configurations with one and two-lane widths, range from 12 meters to over 100 meters in length. They are expected to provide safer, smoother transit and reduce travel time for local communities.

Minister Milupi announced that the government plans to construct and install an additional 27 bridges in Northern Province shortly. This effort is part of a broader program managed by the Ministry through the Road Development Agency (RDA), which aims to construct and install 131 ACROW Bridges across Zambia.

“The assembly and erection of the two 700×5 ACROW panel bridges at Lukulu and Solo are part of a strategic plan to enhance infrastructure and ease connectivity for the people,” said Minister Milupi. “We have identified a total of 29 crossing points in Northern Province for the installation of these essential structures.

The installation of these bridges will not only boost local economies but also enhance access to essential services, thereby improving the quality of life for residents in remote and rural areas.

Source: Lusakatimes

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