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Govt Consultations On Solutions For Street Vending

In order to identify long-term solutions to the issue of street selling in Lusaka, the government has begun stakeholder engagements.

The talks are aimed at securing a win-win situation for all parties because street vending presents a severe health risk to disease outbreak, according to Ministry of Information Director and Spokesperson THABO KAWANA.

According to Mr. KAWANA, there is a significant chance of cholera or pandemics like Covid-19 spreading when food is sold in crowded areas without access to running water or bathrooms.

Mr. KAWANA discussed the need to raise awareness of the illegalities of street selling and street buying during his appearance on ZNBC’s The Update Program.

He claimed that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA made the decision to examine the demand that street sellers leave because he cares about their welfare.

He claimed that before implementation can take place, individuals must first be made aware of the legal requirements.

According to Mr. KAWANA, many of the town’s markets, including those in Soweto, Kabwata, Chilenje, and Kaunda Square, are deserted and offer space for vendors to conduct business from instead of the streets.

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