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gruesome murder of polygamist in Nakonde by unidentified persons

A 58-year-old Nakonde polygamist was brutally killed by unidentified assailants while spending the night with his second wife.

David Singoyi was repeatedly chopped with a matchete by unidentified males on the head, neck, and hands as his second wife Vyness Namwila, 51, watched helplessly.

Police have subsequently started a manhunt for the suspects, but they have not yet determined the murder’s purpose.

According to Kaunda Mubanga, the police commissioner for Muchinga Province, the incident took place on December 26 between 1:00 and 5:00 in the village of Sanyanta in Nakonde.

“Brief facts are that the now deceased was in a polygamous marriage with two wives staying in the same village. On Sunday December 25th, he decided to go and spend a night with his second wife Vyness. Whilst they were asleep, his wife heard a bang on the door and when she woke up to go and see who was there she saw two unknown men entering their bedroom. As the now deceased was trying to wake up, one of the men started hacking him with a matchet,” he said.

Mr Mubanga said the wife to the deceased tried to escape, but she was obstructed by the other man whom she found by the door holding a gun.

“It was further reported that the criminals made sure that they murdered the deceased and that is when they left the house leaving the Second wife inside. Later She went back in the bedroom to check on her husband whom she found dead in a pool of blood. After a physical inspection, the body was found with multiple cuts on the head, a deep open cut on the neck, two deep cuts on the right Palm, multiple deep cuts on the left hand and broken left hand,” he said.

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