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HH Mourns ‘nsabata’

The late AUSTIN MWIINGA, also known as NSABATA, has been lauded by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA as a freedom fighter who used music to improve the lives of the populace.

According to ZANIS, President HICHILEMA expressed sadness at not having lived long enough to witness the causes he worked for in person or via song.

Thousands of mourners had gathered in Shebwe village in Mazabuka today to pay their final respects to Mr. MWIINGA when the President addressed them.

According to President HICHILEMA, Mr. MWIINGA supported the party through its difficult times after the death of its late founding leader ANDERSON MAZOKA.

The Head of State claimed that through his music, the late Mr. MWIINGA spearheaded campaigns for freedom and the rule of law, among other causes.

The President also organized a fundraiser for the late Mr. MWIINGA’s family, organizing party officials, lawmakers, and ministers.

Since then, the family has raised 50,000 Kwacha, 36 livestock, and a plot of land.

The President thanked the traditional chiefs and the people for showing up in large numbers to mourn Mr. MWIINGA after performing the traditional dance Kukweya in his honor.

The party was there for Mr. MWIINGA during his illness, according to Mazabuka Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo, who also called him a brave warrior.


Meanwhile, Mr. MWIINGA was a truly gallant freedom fighter for the party, according to Southern Province UPND Chairperson BILLARD MAKWEMBO, and his work will be sorely missed.

Mr. MWIINGA led the group with passion, according to JOSEPHINE MALAMBO, a representative of the Gonde cultural community.

After succumbing to his illness, Mr. MWIINGA passed away on April 15, 2023 at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka. He is survived by 11 children and two wives.

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