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ILO Applauses Gov For Economic Management

The government has received praise from the International Labour Organization (ILO) for its handling of the economy.

The government has done a fantastic job of cutting inflation, which is essential for economic stability, according to ILO Country Director for Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique, GEORGE OKUTHO.

He claims that the macroeconomic policies implemented thus far are crucial to expanding the economy.


Speaking at the Joint Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs Fund meeting in Lusaka, Mr. OKUTHO stated the government must develop a way to capture water, particularly amid the current floods.

He said that collecting water would contribute in stimulating economic activity.

According to NGOZA MUNTALI, director of planning for the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, all 116 local authorities have now switched from activity-based budgets to output-based budgets.

According to Dr. MUNTHALI, the migration has aided local governments in improving their ability to handle money, particularly with the rise in Constituency Development Funds.

She claims that the migration, which initially only affected a few districts, has now been implemented by all local authorities with the aid of civil society and the UN.

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