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Kalunga: “govt Want Fair Investment”

The government claims that it wants its collaboration with international investors to be mutually beneficial.

The status quo, according to Information and Media Permanent Secretary KENNEDY KALUNGA, is essential to Zambia’s economic emancipation in an effort to improve the lives of Zambians.

In addition, Mr. Kalunga has urged active promotion of Zambia’s culture to nations like CHINA as one of the nation’s intangible assets.

He has urged content providers and television networks to work with local content creators to provide programming that highlights everyday life in Zambia’s many communities.

At the TOP Stars Communications Company Limited end-of-year party, where certain staff received awards, Mr. KALUNGA made this statement last night in Lusaka.

He expressed his happiness at Top Star Communications’ registration of presence in 103 districts around the nation using digital terrestrial television technology.

The platform presently houses 40 local television stations, according to Top Star Communications Chief Executive Officer JOHN ZHUANG, who made the announcement at the same event.

Additionally, Mr. JOHN revealed that Top Star’s typically has 200,000 subscribers.

Mark Mukuka of Lusaka, one of Top Star’s longest-standing subscribers, was honored at the same event.

The well-known traditionalist Mr. MUKUKA thanked Top Star for the kindness and lauded the business for being one of the most effective content service providers.

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