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Let’s export mealie meal rather than maize

The government and stakeholders, according to the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ), should reinforce the value addition policy to increase exports of completed goods.

MAZ According to President ANDREW CHINTALA, exporting maize rather than value-added goods results in the exportation of jobs and lowers the nation’s ability to generate income.

By choosing to sell maize rather than mealie meal and other products, Mr. CHINTALA claims that Zambia has previously missed out on opportunities to export value-added goods to the DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, and Sudan.

Speaking on ZNBC’s The Update Program today, Mr. CHINTALA stated that his group would push for the establishment of additional mealie meal facilities in rural areas of the nation rather than overpopulated areas like Lusaka this year.

Mr. CHINTALA claims that the government’s actions will help to keep the market price of mealie meal stable.

Reuben MTOLO, the minister of agriculture, revealed yesterday that the Food Reserve Agency will now sell maize to millers rather than dealers.

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