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Medical equipment stolen from the ZAMMSA warehouse

The warehouse of the Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA), located in Lusaka, has had medical equipment worth K1.6 million stolen.

According to ANNA CHIFUNGULA, the chairperson of the ZAMMSA Board, the warehouse was broken into, and the robbers made off with a variety of dental tools and different CT scan accessories worth millions of Kwacha.

The board, according to Dr. CHIFUNGULA, is outraged that dishonest people would go to such far as to steal medical equipment intended for the sick in hospitals around the country.

She claims that the police have subsequently been notified about the situation.

Dr. CHIFUNGULA adds that there was another break-in at the same warehouse in March of last year, during which equipment worth more than a million Kwacha was stolen.

She asserts that ZAMMSA will do everything possible to identify those responsible for the theft.

This information was provided in a statement to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

The theft was reported to police this morning by ZAMMSA Inventory Assistant CEPHUS MKANDAWIRE, who reported on behalf of the organization, according to Zambia Police Deputy Spokesman DANNY MWALE.

He said that the theft occurred between January 3 and January 4 after all employees had left for the day.

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