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Milingo Lungu Objects To Petition Being Dismissed

Former Provisional Liquidator for the KONKOLA Copper Mine MILINGO LUNGU has requested that the notice of motion to dismiss his petition be dismissed since he is contesting the removal of his immunity from prosecution.

Mr. LUNGU has argued that the motion is invalid because it lacks an affidavit.

This is in accordance with an affidavit that was submitted to the Constitutional Court in opposition to the Notice of motion.

Mr. LUNGU has said that the dismissal of the motion will advance justice rather than harm Attorney General MULILO KABESHA.

Attorney General MULILO KABESHA recently requested that the Constitutional Court reject the petition that Mr. LUNGU filed to contest the suspension of his immunity from prosecution.

The petition, according to Mr. KABESHA, is only a pointless academic exercise because the immunity arrangement has expired.

On December 22nd of last year, Director of Public Prosecution GILBERT PHIRI made the announcement that Mr. LUNGU’s immunity had been revoked.

On March 22, 2022, former DPP LILIAN SIYUNI approved the immunity deal.

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