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Millet Will Be Re-introduced By The Gov

The government intends to restart the Farmer Input Support Program’s (FISP) millet seed distribution.

The action, according to Minister of Agriculture REUBEN MTOLO, aims to promote millet production as a crucial part of the nation’s food system.

According to Mr. MTOLO, this will also aid in preventing malnutrition and diversifying the food supply.

According to him, the recent drop in millet production highlights the need to raise awareness of the crop’s significance as it provides customers with nutritional and environmental benefits.

The Minister spoke Friday night in Lusaka at the beginning of the International Year of Millet.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations (UN), and the Indian government also participated in the celebration.

Additionally, Mr. MTOLO stated that the government intends to resume the distribution of millet seed under the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP).

The ability of millet to develop in challenging situations, according to Indian High Commissioner to Zambia ASHOCK KUMAR, makes it crucial to include millet in the agricultural system.

According to Mr. KUMAR, crop diversification is essential to preventing poverty in light of the effects of climate change.

The FAO will make sure that millet is promoted as one of the key crops for the implementation of a climate-resilient agri-food system and a sustainable ecology, according to FAO Country Representative SUZE FILIPPINI.

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