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Next week, electricity imports will begin – KAPALA

The importation of power from Mozambique is anticipated to start early next week, according to Energy Minister PETER KAPALA.

According to Mr. KAPALA, importation-related paperwork should be finished this week.

According to the Minister, Mozambique’s outstanding debt of $24 million dollars has been paid in full.

According to him, the additional supply of around 102 megawatts will help to mitigate the nation’s present load-shedding.

In an interview with ZNBC News today in Lusaka, Mr. KAPALA stated that the government is hoping that the nation would stop importing electricity due to the massive amount of water flowing into the Kariba dam.

He also said that the government is working to purchase an additional 105 megawatts of Ndola energy.

The process should be finished by April of this year, according to Mr. KAPALA.

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