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No need for work experience, according to NKANDU

The demand for job experience when hiring people has been criticized by the Minister of Youth, Sports, and the Arts, ELVIS NKANDU, as being unfair.

Mr. Nkandu has demanded that the rule be removed since it disadvantaged young people who graduate without any work experience.

He has pleaded with lawmakers to stand with him and support the repeal of the mandate.


When students are not given the chance to find employment after graduating from colleges and universities, the minister has worried how they will obtain experience.


When he attended the Mufumbwe Youth Resource Center’s third graduation, Mr. Nkandu was giving a speech in the North-Western province of Mufumbwe.

According to NKANDU, his Ministry will work with the mining companies in the province to make sure that young people receiving training from resource centers are attached so they may obtain industrial experience.

He declared that his Ministry will sign an MoU with the mining houses as soon as the negotiations were over.

Meanwhile, GRANDSON KATAMBI, the Permanent Secretary of the North-Western Province, advocated for the establishment of additional youth resource centers in the area to accommodate more unemployed kids.

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