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Zoe Mthiyane taken to court by Lebo M over parental rights

Lion King composer Lebo M is taking the mother of one of his children Zoe Mthiyane to court as he wants her parental rights suspended.

According to Sunday World, the producer and reality TV star said that the former Generations: The Legacy actress is denying him the right to travel with their seven-year-old daughter.

Lebo M, who married his wife Pretty Samuels-Morake, this year, said he broke up with the actress in April 2016 when the child was nine months old.

He revealed that he has been living with the child since and when her passport expired in 2020, they did not renew it because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Zoe Mthiyane

But, he now needs to travel abroad with his wife and kids and the actress is allegedly refusing to sign a letter of consent that the Department of Home Affairs requires in order to issue a travel passport for their child.

“My wife and I have been trying to engage with the respondent for the past few months for the purpose of renewal of (name withheld)’s passport as she must not only co-sign such application but be physically present when such application is made,” reads the court paper.

Additionally, Lebo M stressed the importance of having their daughter in the documentary as he would lose a lot of money and their child would not be a part of the family history if the goal was not achieved.

“It is my submission and belief (name withheld) does not deserve for me to have to answer one day why she was left out of such an important part of our family history,” read the papers.

The publication reports that the musical composer wants the interim order to suspend all the parental rights and responsibilities Zoe Mthiyane was granted until January 23 next year.

Lebo M

The actress has remained mum on the issue.

The former couple have previously slammed each other for their co-parenting skills.

In September this year, Zoe Mthiyane claimed that her co-parenting experience with Lebo M has been horrible compared to her experience with sportscaster Robert Marawa with whom she shares a son.

This came after Lebo M’s wife claimed that the actress was an absent mother.

“In my efforts to maintain the dignity of my family, but most importantly to protect the wellbeing of our kids, I have chosen to remain silent. But given the severity and nature of these allegations, I can no longer remain silent whilst my children are attacked and associated with such defamatory statements in the media,” said Pretty Samuels, according to Zalebs.

“After the tragic accident, the courts gave my husband custody of the child and ordered [Zoe] Mthiyane to undergo rehabilitation and therapy so that she may one day be considered a fit mother. Our daughter has been in my husband’s care for the past few years and her primary residence is with us,” she added.

However, Zoe Mthiyane hit back and said that Pretty was buying into false narratives created by Lebo M, according to The Citizen.

“This is a sensitive topic involving my minor child. I would like to caution the current wife against believing and acting upon the false narratives that her husband has created about myself and others as a means to continue the abuse I escaped seven years ago,” she said.

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