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Police seize alleged phone thieves

Five alleged thieves who are thought to be responsible for a series of electronic device thefts have been captured by police in Lusaka.

After receiving several reports from the public about stolen electronics, the police located the perpetrators.

A girl was walking down center road in the Kwamwena Meanwood neighborhood when the suspects tried to steal her cell phone, according to deputy police public relations officer Danny Mwale.

According to Mr. Mwale, the suspects were captured after the girl was saved by vigilant locals.

He named the suspects as Ernest Champo, 26, of Barastone, a DJ at a specified nightclub in Matero compound who was also discovered with a ball of marijuana, Shadreck Mwale, 27, of Chunga compound, and Gilbert Chunda, 29, who was driving a Toyota Voxy with the license plate ALK 9355.

Other people, according to Mr. Mwale, are Bright Munalula, 18, of unknown home number in Garden compound, and Bright Chikwemba, 27, of John Laing compound, who sells shoes at City Market in Lusaka and was also in possession of a ball of marijuana.

According to him, the suspects were detained yesterday at 10:00 in the Meanwood neighborhood.

“We have apprehended five people in connection with the snatching of electronic gadgets from pedestrians. Police have successfully managed to apprehend the suspects after a number of Lusaka residents complained of the vice which has been rampant,”he said.

He also said that the police have impounded the motor vehicle used when carrying out the crime.

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