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Nelisiwe Sibiya upsets political party supporters

Well-known Mzansi actress Nelisiwe Sibiya who plays on Durban Gen, did not expect to be booed off stage during the Miss and Mr King Cetshwayo District Municipality pageant at the University of Zululand in Empangeni, northern KZN on Friday, 21 July.

According to Zimoja, Nelisiwe had to leave the stage after she called Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) supporters “maqabane” – a term synonymous with African National Congress (ANC) supporters and members. The beauty pageant was organized by the IFP-led Municipality.

“She did not think a simple term will have people going crazy,” said the source.

Nelisiwe Sibiya

The source continued: “She is just an actress who probably does not pay attention to politics or protocols, but obviously people won’t know that.”

In response, Nelisiwe said she didn’t know that the term would anger supporters but she denied that she was booked off stage. The actress said that she left because she had to rush back to Durban for other engagements because her segment had ended.

The same event Nelisiwe attended was also attended by Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo who was an MC.

Nelisiwe Sibiya

In a video shared by journalist, Sihle Mavuso, Somizi said he will be voting for the IFP.

“I, Somizi Mhlongo, am Inkatha Freedom Party. I don’t care about you. Next year, I’m here. Anything about Inkatha, I’m here.

“If I change, then turn your back against me, we agree? Mayor, you know that I’m voting for Inkatha. I’m not sure about you. But, based on his fashion sense [points at man behind him] I’ll be minister of fashion,” he said.


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Faith Nketsi

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