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Actress Sannah Mchunu’s question leaves men talking

Popular South African actress Sannah Mchunu best known for her role, Zodwa on Gomora, asked men a question that left them furious on social media. She admitted that Nomzamo Mbatha’s breasts are so different from most women’s and posed a question about men’s chests.

Nomzamo Mbatha, who plays Nandi, saw herself trending after the first episode of the drama series Shaka iLembe.

Many fans praised her breasts, saying they still looked good but overlooked Senzo Radebe’s chests.

However, this has made some fans troll several other women comparing their breasts to Nomzamo Mbatha.

Sannah Mchunu

Of course, most women could not dispute that Nandi’s breasts looked slightly different, which is also Sannah Mchunu’s position.

Despite agreeing that Nandi has different breasts, she started the fire by asking if all men have good chests like Senzo Radebe.

Sharing on her Instagram, the Gomora star spoke of Nomzamo Mbatha’s breasts and Senzo’s Chest saying.

We agree that our breasts are not the same as NANDI’s, but do your chests look the same as SENZANGAKHONA’S?

Check how Senzangakhona looks:


It was a question that most men were not ready to answer, and Sannah threw it.

Senzo Radebe is a well build man with a big chest and arms that can only be attained by a person who is serious about gym.

Most men, however, are not so dedicated to the gym and have small chests and even big bellies.

Despite wanting to look fit and strong, they are not ready for the pain of lifting weights and running.

Indeed, Sannah’s post surprised most men that they were so quick to try and defend themselves.

Sannah’s post was a message of relief to most women who had been shying away from the trolls online.

The Gomora actress’ question left most men furious, and they expressed their anger and disappointment.

“I don’t like your tone baby 😞😞😞”

“🤣🤣🤣the question is standing brothers “do your chests look like that of SENZANGAKHONA???????? A very important question.”

“😂😂😂 no fighting here, ngathi ni personal manje😂😂😂”

“Where are they now?? No one will answer you. 😭😭💀”

“Yey nayi le Big ASK awuyibuze futhi futhi🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”


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