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urging schools to plant trees

Peter Phiri, a minister for the Eastern Province, has urged educational institutions to promote the planting of trees.

According to Mr. Phiri, the administration is cognizant of the risks that climate change poses to the world.

Specifically in locations where they have been depleted, he claims that planting trees is one method of preventing the earth from environmental destruction.


At the opening of a Green Mindset Project at Chipata College of Education, with the subject “Plant a tree and serve the earth,” Mr. Phiri made this statement in a speech that was read for him by the provincial chief human resources development officer George Machayi.

The project, according to College Principal Tresphord Musakanya, was started so that students would be aware of the environment and have a constructive impact on it.

Each first-year student, according to Mr. Musakanya, will plant a tree and care for it until they graduate.

This year, the college plans to plant around 500 trees.

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