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Woman Dead in a lodge

A 33-year-old woman’s body was discovered lying lifeless in a pool of blood after a call for help at a specific lodge in Chililabombwe District on the Copperbelt proved fatal.

Choolwe Sichiyanda was discovered dead in a room that was reportedly locked by Justin Musonda, a 41-year-old man she was discovered in the room with.

One of the visitors in the room next to where the victim is thought to have been pleading for assistance called for the security guard to respond to the shouting.

They had no idea that the victim’s cry for help would actually result in a cold-blooded murder.

Upon the suspect’s arrest, police have started an investigation into the incident.

According to Copperbelt police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba, a guest in a nearby room called security guard Chrispin Kayombo to report the incident.

The event took place at the specified lodge today between 4:00 and 5:00.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the reporter was working at the named lodge was  informed by Davies Kabaso who lodged in the next room that someone in the room next to him was shouting for help.  When he rushed there the room was locked and upon peeping through the window he saw a female person lying lifeless in the pool of blood. Police visited the scene and forced the door open and found the deceased not breathing, the suspect was apprehended,” he said.

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