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ALIBUZWI will be admitted to the US Hall of Fame

On Thursday in Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania, USA, Zambian Army Commander SITALI ALIBUZWI will be honored by induction into the International Fellows Hall of Fame.

Together with Major General JOSEPH SEELO, the Botswana Defence Force’s Ground Force Commander, General ALIBUZWI will be sworn in.

The ceremony, according to Major General TODD WASMUND, Commanding General of the United States Army’s Southern European Task Force in Africa, aims to recognize US Army War College alums who have achieved the highest ranks in their nation’s armed forces by military merit.

Since then, Major General WASMUND has pushed the officers to make the most of the once every three years occasion to share knowledge with one another.

This was expressed by him at the symposium for African alumni’s opening remarks.

Former African War College alums from 20 different African countries and US military academies will speak with General ALIBUZWI about the emergence of the next generation of African leaders.

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