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Chingola-kasumbalesa Road Reconstruction For Spur Trade

The Copperbelt’s Chingola-Kasumbalesa route is being rebuilt, according to Mines Minister PAUL KABUSWE, and this will increase trade with the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The road that SADC truck drivers primarily use to enter the DRC markets through the Kasumbalesa border, according to Mr. KABUSWE, a Chililabombwe member of parliament, has been in a terrible condition for a while.

Speaking as he reviewed the road’s development, Mr. KABUSWE noted that the road is a particular gift to the electorates in the two mining towns for their decision to cooperate with the UPND administration.

Additionally, AVIC International Chief Engineer MA WENJIE stated that although the contractor will demobilize after the wet season, work is progressing steadily.

In order to allow for overtaking, Mr. MA informed Mr. KABUSWE that the road had also been enlarged by around 10 meters.

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