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GBM Fails To Activate Defense

GEOFFREY MWAMBA, a former defense minister for the PF administration, has withdrawn his defense in a case involving proceeds of crime totaling $2,000 and Kwacha 20,000,000.

Mr. MWAMBA has been determined to have a case to answer in this matter.

The Financial Crimes Court’s LUSAKA Resident Magistrate, SANFORD NGOBOLA, has postponed the commencement of the defense until Thursday.

This occurred in the context of the defense team’s request that the court give Mr. MWAMBA an opportunity to read his statement of defense.

The application received no objections from the state.

Mr. MWAMBA was detained in June of last year and charged with money laundering and possessing items that were thought to be the proceeds of crime, totaling $200,000 and $20,000,000 Kwacha.

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