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HH Will Find Cheaper Capital

In order to guarantee that Zambia has access to reasonably priced financing, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA said he will work with some international partners.

The majority of African nations are need to pay more to access capital, according to President HICHILEMA.

He claims that for this to change, nations must cooperate.

According to the Head of State, Zambia is concentrating on economic diplomacy and seeks to learn from other nations that have achieved success in a range of development-related fields.

Zambia, according to President HICHILEMA, doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel but instead wants to use select foreign technologies as tools to further human growth.

The president claims that Zambia is sick of hearing about its resources and potential and is ready to collaborate with other nations to achieve progress.

When eight high commissioners and ambassadors accredited to Zambia presented him with letters of credence, President HICHILEMA said this at State House.


The Italian Ambassador to Zambia, Dr. Enrico De Agostini, the Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, Lieutenant General Matthews Mkingule, and the Tanzanian High Commissioner to Zambia, Lieutenant General Matthews Mkingule, all presented letters of credence to the President.

Others include the Swiss Ambassador to Zambia, STEFEN REY, the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Zambia, MURAD BASEER, and the Ambassador of Croatia to Zambia, ANTE CICVARIC.

The other two are TOBIAS ELLING REHFELD, ambassador of Denmark to Zambia, and KEYLE MICHAEL NUNA, high commissioner of Canada to Zambia.

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