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Lungu’s former Driver Juvensio Phiri Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Juvensio Phiri, previously employed as a driver and security personnel for former President Edgar Lungu, has been arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) on allegations of drug trafficking. Mwenge Mulenga, the Public Relations Manager for DEC, disclosed that Phiri, aged 53, was apprehended for trafficking 55.6 kilograms of loose cannabis.

Mwenge Mulenga spoke about the arrest of Juvensio Phiri

Mulenga revealed that Juvensio Phiri was apprehended in Lusaka’s Chelstone area by a joint team of DEC officers from Eastern and Lusaka Provinces. The team had trailed Juvensio Phiri from Chipata, where he was transporting the contraband intended for distribution in Lusaka.

It is suspected that Juvensio Phiri was collaborating with other individuals who managed to escape when he was initially intercepted in Eastern Province.

In an official statement, Mulenga declared that Phiri is currently detained in police custody and has been charged with trafficking in psychotropic substances.

Source: Lusaka Times

In More News – President Hichilema Challenges Cabinet Ministers

President Hakainde Hichilema has urged cabinet ministers to be proactive in amending legislation that hinders the country’s economic expansion agenda. President Hichilema emphasized the importance of ministers taking the lead in revising laws to facilitate economic growth, which in turn will create jobs, increase business opportunities, and support the social sectors.

President Hichilema Highlighted that:

He highlighted the government’s reliance on investments in various sectors such as mining, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and tourism for economic expansion. President Hichilema made these remarks during the launch of the resumption of mandatory public service training and certification in Lusaka today. Read More

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