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Former Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo Opens Defence in Proceeds of Crime Case

Former Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, alongside his wife Wanziya Chirwa, has commenced his defence in a case where they face 11 counts of possession of properties believed to be proceeds of crime. The trial is being heard before Lusaka Principal Resident Magistrate Silvia Munyinya in the Economic and Financial Crimes Court.

During the opening of his defence, Mr. Kampyongo testified that he is unable to provide an account for the values estimated by the state for the properties deemed to be proceeds of crime. Instead, he stated that he can only provide an account of his expenditure on the properties in question.

In a bid to expedite the proceedings, Magistrate Munyinya cautioned defence lawyers against unnecessary adjournment applications. This came after defence lawyer Leon Lemba applied for an adjournment, citing the need to search for relevant documents on the case.

Magistrate Munyinya granted permission for the production of a duplicate document containing information on the termination of Mr. Kampyongo’s lease for the Eureka plot in Lusaka, which is considered to be proceeds of crime. Earlier, the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) Prosecutor Virginia Tembo objected to the production of the documents, insisting on the presentation of the original document. However, Magistrate Munyinya ruled that the duplicate document is admissible if it is practically impossible to produce the original. The proceedings have been adjourned to February 26, 2024, as the trial continues.

The case against Stephen Kampyongo and Wanziya Chirwa has garnered significant attention, reflecting ongoing efforts to combat corruption and ensure accountability within Zambia’s legal system.

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In other news – Charity Katanga jailed for three years

Charity Katanga, the former Deputy Inspector General of Police, has been handed a three-year prison sentence in a case where she was charged with the possession of 10 Higer buses believed to be proceeds of crime.

Charity Katanga

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