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Prisoners are exchanged between Zambia and Malawi

Prisoners are exchanged between Zambia and Malawi to strengthen bilateral relations and security

Thirty-one Malawians who were incarcerated in Zambia to serve their sentences have been moved to Malawi Correctional Facilities, while nine prisoners from Zambia have been sent back home.

Inmates were exchanged between the Zambia Correctional Service and the Malawi Prisons Service as a means of enabling them to serve out their sentences home.

Masauko Wiscot, the operations commissioner for the Malawi Prisons Service, asserted that the exchange of prisoners will lessen recidivism and the ensuing overcrowding of prisons in both nations.

“The exchange will also foster inmates’ participation in the socioeconomic development in their respective countries,” he said.

He added that Malawi and Zambia signed a Memorandum of Understanding to allow detainees to be exchanged between them as a means of enhancing bilateral relations and security.

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