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Government Targets Exports of Angolan Beef

According to MAKOZO CHIKOTE, minister of fisheries and livestock, his department would see to it that more beef and other livestock products are produced in order to be sent to Angola, where there is a ready market.

He claims that on his most recent trip to that nation, President HICHILEMA secured the Angolan Market.

In order to secure the provision of extension services and the empowerment of aquaculture and livestock producers, Mr. CHIKOTE has urged the officers working under his Ministry to refrain from obstructing the government.

Mr. CHIKOTE stated that the Province has a significant number of natural water bodies that can be used to boost fish output when he visited Northern Province Minister LEONARD MBAO in his office.

According to him, the local fish population has declined, necessitating the use of fresh tactics to boost productivity.

According to Mr. CHIKOTE, his Ministry will provide farmers in the region with a good breed of bull to boost livestock production.
Mr. Chikote also urged young people to try their hand at raising cattle and raising fish.

And Mr. MBAO claimed that if the province’s water resources were used properly, it would be able to provide enough fish for the entire country.
More fish cages need to be installed on the water bodies, according to him.

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