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Two males Violated a Mufulira student while celebrating New year

An 18-year-old Mufulira pupil is accused of being raped by two guys while returning home from the new year’s celebrations.

The victim was grabbed by the culprits, whom she can recognize, who then alternately violated her before fleeing.

According to Copperbelt Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, the incident took place in Francis Mukuka Township yesterday at around 2:00 a.m.

According to Mr. Mweemba, the woman went out drinking with her pals, and four guys later joined them.

A little while later, the victim allegedly made the decision to go home, and as she was leaving, she reportedly observed two guys trailing behind her.

“The complainant went to Mwansanga bar in Francis Mukuka Township to enjoy the new year festival in the company of her friends. Whilst at the bar she started drinking beer. Around 02:00 the victim decided to go home and when she walked a few meter she saw men who  grabbed her and later took turns in violating her before all ran away,”said Mr Mweemba.

He said the girl complained of general body pains and investigations have been instituted.

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